King of Kefir now in 330ml cans!

We are delighted to announce that our low calories, guilt free and gut friendly drinks are now available in 330ml cans!

The product is identical to what is in the bottles and it fizzes up naturally in the can too. We don’t use a soda stream (forced carbonation) to add the bubbles. Our water kefir live culture gobbles up the organic apple juice sugars in the can to create the bubbles. Just as we do with the bottles. We are pretty sure that we are the only can conditioned soft drinks on the market.
Also since we don’t have to buy in industrial tanks of carbon dioxide to fizz our drinks, they have a much lower carbon footprint than most!

Glass price increases
It won come as a surprise with the current economic climate, that we have been hit with a number of price increases this year and one of the biggest is our glass, which has gone up 50% in 2022, through three price increases. So unfortunately we have had to increase our bottle prices. The one grace is that the aluminum price has been stable in comparison and due to the lighter weight and more robust nature of the cans (versus the glass), the shipping of the cans is much less cumbersome and much more cost effective. This will hopefully help explain the price difference between the two in our updated online shop.

Online shopping
The full range is now available online as follows:

And don’t forget, if you cant find them in your favorite local store, you could always ask them to stock us!