“Delicious non-alcoholic drinks to power you on through January

“Apart from the health benefits, these are some of the most interesting alcohol-free drinks.” John Wilson, The Irish Times 6th Jan 2024.

Six ways to have a sustainable and delicious Christmas

Let your heart – and carbon footprint – be light with these ideas for sustainable Christmas gifts from Irish producers

“Christmas gift guide: from a sea-salt subscription to an entire lamb, 20 unique present ideas for foodies”

Katy Mc Guinness with her favourite foodie gifts for the holidays. Irish Independent Fri 17th Nov 23.

Gut instinct: How King of Kefir’s new canned range has primed it for expansion”

Gerry Scullion’s functional drinks business will grow further in 2023 on the back of an investment in canning” Brenda McCormick 2nd Jan 2023.

“How to buy kefir fit for a king”

“Buying kombucha and kefir in a shop can be a bit of a minefield, as many consumers don’t know what producers are doing. You need two statements – unfiltered and unpasteurised – mentioned together. If they are missing, then that’s what they are doing to the drink,” says Gerry Scullion of King of Kefir.” The Irish Times, John Wilson, 5th May 21.


Cucumber, Thyme & Mint, from King of Kefir’s delicious range of water kefir drinks that have very much taken The Menu’s fancy. The Irish Examiner, Joe McNamee, 1st May 2021.

“Wine with Leslie”

Non-alcoholic King of Kefir ‘grown-up’ drinks are actually wonderful. The Irish Examiner, Leslie Williams, 30th April, 2021.

“Taste Testing the Latest Food Trend Products Vol. 9 (TAKE 2!!) | SORTEDfood”

We were absolutely thrilled to have been independently reviewed by the brilliant guys @SORTEDfood. They independently reviewed our Chilli & Ginger and Cucumber, Mint & Thyme water kefirs drinks. Needless to say, we were delighted with the feedback. 21st Feb, 21.

“The truth about…Boosting Your Immune System”

We had a very brief cameo on this show where our Cucumber Mint & Thyme was shown as an example of a fermented drink.  Dr Ronx Ikharia presents the definitive guide, not only to defending yourself against Covid-19, but also boosting your strength for when the cold and flu season is upon us. BBC ONE, Dr Ronx Ikharia , 5th Feb 2021. 

Why we need to rethink our sugary drinks

A new study has linked sugary drinks consumption with an increased risk of developing cancer, even if you’re slim. The Irish Independent, Katy McGuinness, 29th Jul 2019.

‘”Be patient; it’s going to take a hell of a lot longer than you would anticipate”

Gerry Scullion, founder of King of Kefir, talks radishes and getting lost down rabbit holes. , Zuzia Whelan, 25th

Doing dry January? Here are some great alternatives to wine”  

From kombucha to kefir, soft drinks are so much more interesting than they used to be. The Irish Times , John Wilson, Sat, Jan 12, 2019.

“Megabites Awards – Shops and Foods” Drinks of the Year

King of Kefir (non alcohol), John and Sally McKenna Guide, 1st Jan 2019. 

Gerry Scullion: having the guts to seize the moment

Low-cal probiotic drink keeps gut bugs happy and its founder busy with expansion plans, Irish Times,  Business,  Thur 13th Sept 2018, Olive Keogh

“Kombucha and Kefir”

9/10 for our Chilli & ginger water kefir ,Taste Test, Irish Independent 11th Jan 2018 , Katy McGuinness

Crafty soft drinks are just the tonic for a dry January

Sunday Times, Jan 7th 2018, Martin Moran

“Healthy kick for growing kefir culture”

Sunday Times, Nov 19th 2017 , Kathy McGuinness

“Food on the edge” 

Irish Independent Bites , May 21st 2016

“Staying in? Try an Irish Gin & Tonic”

Irish Times 17th June 2016,  John Wilson

“The King of Kefir”

Dublin Inquirer 16th May 2016, Conal Thomas

“Dublin’s King of Kefir – The Herbel Crest Story” , Erica Bracken