When Gerry Scullion was made redundant in 2012, it gave him an opportunity to pursue his interest in fermenting and brewing. He decided he’d like to develop healthy fermented non-alcoholic drinks.

This was drawn from his own experience, because whenever he wanted a soft drink in a pub, he was limited to high-sugar brands, full of artificial flavours. Working from home, Gerry found he could make a delicious drink from a culture called Water Kefir, which has the added benefit of containing gut friendly cultures. His next step was to open a small production facility in The Chocolate Factory (a shared area for creatives and start-ups in Dublin).

Gerry is interested in ‘a new drinking culture’, changing people’s views and offering them a tempting, healthy, soft-drink alternative, full of beneficial bacteria and yeast.  

Water kefir is a live culture fermented beverage which is teeming with beneficial and gut friendly bacteria and yeast.
We use organic ingredients and our drinks are very lightly sweetened using a tea infusion from stevia plant leaves.

Each bottle takes 14 days to fizz up before it is ready to be enjoyed, as they carbonate through a natural process called bottle conditioning.
Our drinks are gluten free and dairy free, vegan and are suitable diabetics.